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Developing and monetizing your own mobile application has never been simpler. It is possible for anyone with a laptop, tablet, and browser to create, market, and develop native mobile apps with the help of AppsGeyser.

With AppsGeyser, a powerful online app builder, you can produce dynamic apps without writing a single line of code. You can quickly make a mobile application by dragging and dropping components, editing, and launching it

How to Create an App Without Coding in a Few Easy Steps?

AppsGeyser, which was launched in 2011, is a free app generator that allows converting any website into an Android App in 3 easy steps.

You may drag and drop pre-coded items wherever you want them to go with a no-code builder's declarative interface, and the code will adjust accordingly. With the finest no-code game creator, you can easily produce games and make adjustments while you're on the move.

Customize the content to meet your brand objectives. Point and click to add features that fit your game type and company sector.

Step 1

Enter the name

Select a desired category, color scheme, and test device as per your needs

Step 2

Add the best features

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.

Step 3


Test on real devices and publish it to Google Play and App Store In addition, a vast selection of editable templates for Android app production are provided by AppsGeyser. Choose from 35 free templates and create your ideal app to have fun and earn money easily and fan

What Kind of Apps Can You Build?

Every industry may create a wide range of applications with no-code builders.

Mobile and web apps no code

Mobile apps are more crucial than ever in a society where people are constantly on the go. With the help of no-code software, programmers may build polished mobile apps that cater to your client's needs wherever they may be. No-code software makes it simple for non-technical programmers to construct dynamic websites, landing pages, forms, and other web-based apps that interact with customers.

Internal business apps written in no-code

Applications that assist your staff in doing their tasks can occasionally be the most effective ones you build. Whether it's an app for sales funnels, technical assistance, or data management, no-code software gives your team members the resources they need to succeed.

Create your NO CODE app

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.

Why Choose AppsGeyser No Code App Builder?

Software development platforms known as "no-code" solutions enable even non-technical users to produce and implement their own apps without ever writing a line of code. These tools provide a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface that makes it straightforward to specify the underlying business logic and visualize the production process. Here are several eye-catching reasons to choose AppsGeyser app builder

Easiest and Fastest No Code App Maker

Without any specialized knowledge, you may build an app: neither design nor coding. The creation of an APK file that is ready for distribution takes 30 seconds.

Complete Experience

We'll walk you through the process of creating your first Android app, expanding it, and making money.

Useful Tutorials and Guides

We provide you with detailed instructions on how to make, publish, and earn money off of apps

Free Templates

Over 35 free templates for work, play, daily life, and leisure

Advantages of Building a Mobile App Using our No Code App Builder

With an unparalleled blend of amazing features, robust integrations, and a plethora of customization choices, App Maker is the best option for developing the ideal app for both personal and business use. The outstanding advantages of AppsGeyser:


This is highly recommended for developing apps with no coding. Its straightforward interface makes it simpler for users to build free apps with no technical knowledge.

Create your NO CODE app

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.

No Code App Building vs Traditional Development

App development with no code is precisely what it sounds like no code. Using that platform to design an app does not require any prior programming or IT experience. It's a visual tool that facilitates the production of things from scratch using similarly basic features like imports, drag & drop, and selects. The process of producing specialized platfrom for companies is known as custom development. These programs are special and designed to meet specific needs. It could contain custom integration, data extraction reports, tiny plug-ins, and user-friendly displays for the user's advantage. It takes a lot of time and is frequently complex. Even if it's not as big as the battles in Star Wars, this one is nonetheless fascinating! Let's investigate more closely.


Conventional development calls for committed software engineers with advanced programming abilities. Since coding must be done, everything is done by hand. Additionally, it is highly complex and completely burdens the IT department. Conversely, it doesn't even require rudimentary programming knowledge or unique abilities.


This is one of the most essential comparing factors, particularly in the modern world when speed is of the essence. Instead of taking weeks or months to produce, those apps just require a few hours. Debugging and delays are also no longer causes for concern. Everything happens very fast.


Since traditional development calls for weeks or months of work from skilled professional programmers, the charges are very costly. In contrast, No-Code platforms allow business users to build custom enterprise-grade applications, ranging from basic to complicated, up to 10 times faster through visual interfaces than traditional methods.


Businesses have the flexibility to create complex, enterprise-grade programs that precisely meet their needs, thanks to traditional development. They can build anything they want.Send unlimited push notifications to keep your users engaged.  Push Notifications is a powerful feature, enabling you to engage and communicate with your app users effectively. Drive app usage, and keep your users informed about important updates and promotions, share discount coupons or offer order tracking to gain more customers.


Security is yet another crucial consideration when deciding between traditional and no-code development. It is dependent upon both the hosting infrastructure and the software's security design. It's critical to determine both factors while making a choice. Suppliers who prioritize security to be sure to implement appropriate security measures across all facets and domains of their business. Certifications such as SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 prove that the provider is reliable in terms of security. Thus, kindly be sure that your checklist includes these. These tabs enable you to incorporate various media and content, expanding the capabilities of your app. You can add tabs like WhatsApp, Map, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Video & Audio, Calculator, HTML Page, News.


Can I create an app for free?
Yes, you may make an app for free with AppsGeyser. You can use all of the features during a complimentary two-week trial period on the platform. You will have 14 days to experiment with the tools and app constructor. You are able to attempt to develop an app and test-drive the builder. However, you will need a subscription to publish your application in the Play Market and earn money off of it.
How to publish an app in the google play market?
You must register for a Google Play Developer account in order to upload Android apps. You will be required to pay a one-time $25 registration fee. After registering, watch for Google's approval. Before your mobile app loads on Google Play, it needs to be optimized for the app store. To publish an app, you must provide an AAB file and screenshots to the Play Store. The AppsGeyser support staff will assist you with the Google Play app publication.
How to earn money with an Android app?
After producing your app, you may be asking yourself how precisely you may monetize a free app. Here are several ways to earn money:
  • Advertising
  • Referral Marketing
  • In-App Purchases
  • Subscription Model
  • Sponsorship
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Collecting and Selling Data
What is no-code?
The term "no-code" refers to design and usage methodology that eliminates the need for programming language skills.
Where else is no-code used other than app-building?
No code is being used in the data visualization, process automation, website development. The allure of no-code is that it allows people with various skill sets to express their creativity without becoming bogged down in lines of code.
What’s the difference between no-code vs low-code?
While no-code platforms usually enable business users to handle their production needs no any knowledge of programming, low-code platforms are frequently utilized by IT experts with some programming expertise to construct unique apps.
What types of websites are supported?
AggsGeyser supports all kinds of websites.
How much time does it take to build an app?
A smartphone app can be produced in a matter of minutes. With its seamless preview capabilities and point-and-click options, AppGeyser is made to speed up every stage of the app creation process. As a result, the procedure becomes very simple and rapid. You can take as much time as you like refining your programs, though. Putting the features and look of the app together should ideally only take a few minutes.
What is a native app?
A native mobile application is produced especially for a mobile platform. When referring to the same kind of platforms, the words native app, native app, and app are sometimes used interchangeably.
Can I migrate my current app?
No, you can not. However, if there is a site, you can make a new app in two clicks that will be faster than any old one.

Create your NO CODE app

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.